Our Happy Clients & Referral Partners

Hear what some of our clients and referral partners have
to say about their experience with Litton Mortgage...

Kyle & Ashley Walker
Proud New Homeowners

"We met with several different mortgage companies about financing our home and Litton Mortgage far surpassed them all. Jaclyn made us feel so comfortable when we talked to her. She was very friendly and down to earth. The other lenders made us feel like we were just another customer, but Litton Mortgage made us feel important. The information they gave us really helped us see what kind of house would fit our monthly budget the best. They neatly laid out the steps we needed to take to get approved quickly for the loan. They worked with us and personally came to us to pick up documents needed which made the loan process not only easy, but also very convenient. We like to ask many questions and they never made us feel bad for asking so many, in fact they made us feel good about being so inquisitive. They quickly responded to e-mails, text messages, and phone calls EVERY time, even after hours & on weekends. Kyle and I are 100% confident that we chose the best mortgage company to handle our financing. For any of your mortgage needs, we highly recommend using no one else but Jaclyn Litton at Litton Mortgage. The Litton Mortgage team is truly wonderful to work with!"

Mike Powell

"I have been in the Home Selling Business for 10 years and I would say Litton Mortgage is in the top 1% of Lenders I have dealt with! I want to express my thanks to Litton Mortgage and let you know that I look forward to Litton Mortgage closing ALL my deals!"

Tim & Ashley Stuart
Satisfied Clients

"When making decisions that affect your life in such a big way, there is no one I would rather have to guide me than Litton Mortgage. I have personally watched the way that this Christ based business has given back to the community, in ways that are almost unheard of. When we were in the market for a new home, I knew my first call needed to be to Litton Mortgage. They went over and above when it came to helping us. In the end, what was best for our family at the time, was to wait. Litton Mortgage could have easily guided us down a path that we did not need to take at the time, but instead, they put our family first because their number one concern was not to benefit their company, but instead to BENEFIT MY FAMILY long term. Their love for the Lord, and for His people, are unmatched! I can truly say that Litton Mortgage is a company of strong integrity, who strives to meet the needs of others, and make a difference in the lives of others."

The Hoffman Family
United States Air Force Family
and Proud New Homeowners

"Litton Mortgage makes everything so easy, especially for us military folks! Everyone is so friendly and always has a smile on their face. We got a GREAT interest rate on a VA Loan. They charge 0 Origination Fees for Military Families, which made our closing costs very low.They advised us every step of the way and went the extra mile when we were being transferred from San Antonio to Barksdale Air Force Base. If you are looking for a home loan...and ESPECIALLY if you are a Veteran, please call Litton Mortgage. You won't be disappointed."

Frances Anderson

"At Litton Mortgage, their team keeps real estate agents informed of the loan status.They are very knowledgeable of the home mortgage business andwork very hard for the loan applicant to get the best mortgage available in a timely manner making the loan process as easy as possible. Litton Mortgage, I thank you!"

Brad and Wendy Thomas
Proud New Homeowners

"I am here to testify that Litton Mortgage is AWESOME! I just bought a new home and Litton Mortgage was Over-The-Top FANTASTIC! A few words to describe Litton Mortgage: Professional, Really Nice, Patient, Complete, Thorough, Incredibly Knowledgeable...if you need a mortgage or are even thinking about buying a home or refinancing, Your ONLY CALL needs to be to LITTON MORTGAGE!"

Marcus & Laura Taylor
Repeat Customers / VA Loan Client

"When Marcus and I decided to get married and purchase a home together, I knew just who to call because I had already used Litton Mortgage for my last home loan. I knew we wouldn't be able to find better rates or better customer service anywhere. Since Marcus was a veteran, we loved the fact that Litton Mortgage does not charge veterans loan origination fees which saved us a lot of money at closing. Also, they gave us an incredibly low interest rate. We feel totally taken care of by the entire company. WE FEEL LIKE FAMILY!"

Amanda & Bradley Goforth
First Time Homebuyers
"We used Litton Mortgage to buy our first home right outside West Monroe. They walked us through every step of the process. We were able to finance 100% and got an incredible interest rate. We were excited to know that our total monthly payment was even lower than we expected because no PMI was required. If you are looking for a home loan with 100% financing, call Litton Mortgage. They will give you a great deal and the staff will treat you like family."

Shannon & Stephen Leone
Refinance Clients

"Working with Jaclyn and the staff at Litton Mortgage was truly a painless experience. We were advised as to what we would need in order to refinance our mortgage and once our information was received, they took care of everything. Jaclyn takes a personal approach and has a vested interest and concern for each of her clients.She thinks about the little things, right down to a "congratulations" cookie cake at our closing. If you are thinking about refinancing or purchasing a home, my husband and I strongly recommend Jaclyn and Litton Mortgage."

Keri & Chase Norris
First Time Homebuyers / New Construction
"Litton Mortgage offers a very magnificent service when searching for a mortgage company! My wife and I were able to build a new home with a very low interest rate, low closing costs and NO DOWN PAYMENT! We did this all while planning our wedding! Litton Mortgage made the process very simple. Their team was dedicated to get us the best rates as well as helping us make the best choice of which type of mortgage would work best for the lifestyle we want to live. The team of Litton Mortgage made it possible for us to build our dream house! Thanks, Litton Mortgage, for everything!"

Brad Barre'
Real Estate Broker & Owner
of Shreveport Bossier Realty

As a Real Estate Broker, it is very important to me to be able to refer a Mortgage Company to my clients and to my agents that possesses integrity and high standards. I have worked together with Litton Mortgage on over 100 deals and can say they have not let me down yet. They are always available, even outside of business hours and on weekends. They keep me very informed on the status of each client and each loan. They close on time and very often are ready to close ahead of schedule. I have not found anyone in town that can compete with their interest rates and discounted closing costs. They deliver all of this while making a personal connection with each client and making them feel comfortable and important. Each and every member of the Litton Mortgage team is amazing and I know they will do the best for all of our clients. If you are a real estate agent and want to make sure your clients are well taken care of, you need to work with Litton Mortgage. It will make your job as an agent or broker less stressful. Most importantly,your clients will love working with them and will thank you for referring them to such a great mortgage company!"

Daphne Neirman
Proud New Homeowner / Repeat Customer

"Litton Mortgage was such a pleasure to work with. They took the time to make sure all of my needs were met.They made the process simple, easy and worry free and I would recommend them to anyone!"

Eddie & Ashley Briery
First Time Homebuyers
USDA RD Loan with 0 down

"I would like to do my best to say thanks to Litton Mortgage. You guys are amazing! I was blown away at how much effort y'all put in to helping us get approved for a loan. Accepting late night phone calls and weekend calls let me know that y'all cared about us beyond an 8-5 work day! With my wife and I expecting our first child, it was very comforting to know that we were being taken care of by people we could trust and not to mention y'all got us in for no money down! I would, without a doubt, use Litton Mortgage again!"

Jason & Ashley Foster
Owners of SB Christian Family Magazine
"Litton Mortgage is a company that you can trust. The professionals that work there are truly concerned about you and your family, and have your best interest at heart. They will help you identify the best mortgage possible, and work hard to secure the best interest rate available. Moreover, they will see the transaction through to the end."

Mark Crawford
Marketing Manager for
The Shreveport Airport Authority

"When it came time for me to buy my new home, I knew exactly who I needed to call... Litton Mortgage. They possess an incredible reputation in our community. I believe in using local companies for commerce, especially locally owned companies that give back to their community in such selfless ways as Litton Mortgage has been known to do. Litton Mortgage has the unique niche of being able to deliver nationally competitive low interest rates. As a locally owned company, they can save you more money on closing costs while delivering local, professional customer service. I can attest that they also deliver service after the sale. It does not get any better than that. I chose to use Litton Mortgage, and you should too!"

Darla Williford
Repeat Client

Litton Mortgage has been an absolute blessing over the past 3 years. From the beginning, as a first time home buyer, I felt confident in the ability of Litton Mortgage. The entire process from submitting my application for approval, to closing on my loan ran seamlessly.

Recently, I decided to refinance my mortgage to take advantage of the lower rates available. Just as before, Litton Mortgage held my hand through the process, helping me understand exactly what was going on. There have never been any hidden fees or surprises with anything. Not only do you get dependable, honest service, they are also incredibly willing to go out of their way to help. On the day of my closing, I realized right when I was supposed to leave I had been locked out of my car. I called Jaclyn to inform her I would be late or not able to make it and without hesitating, she offered to come pick me up.Talk about service with a smile! Jaclyn picked me up from my home and took me to the closing to ensure everything would run smoothly as planned.

I recommend Litton Mortgage to everyone I know that is about embark on the adventure of buying a new home or refinancing. I know that my best interest is always at heart and there is nothing more comforting than having complete trust in those that are dealing with matters as personal as your finances.

Michael Berry & Family
Satisfied Clients

The Lord has truly blessed my family with good paying jobs for both my wife and myself, as well as two wonderful children. We have also been fortunate to not have much in the way of debt other than the mortgage on our house.

My wife and I have been living in the same house now for 11 years and our first mortgage was at a fixed 8% conventional rate over a 30 year period. In the 11 years in which we have lived in the house, we've refinanced twice trying to get our monthly payment down to a tolerable level. With the rise in property taxes and a struggling economy, over the last 3 years, our monthly mortgage had increased to an amount to where our family was really beginning to struggle with very little in the way of discretionary money left over at the end of the month.

I kept hearing about how long term interest rates were falling but at the same time, having refinanced twice before in a 10 year period, refinancing again was the last thing on my mind. Both Jaclyn Litton and Melissa Walker have been long time friends of both my wife and I for many years, in fact, Melissa is my next door neighbor. Both Melissa and I had talked back in 2010 and earlier this summer, 2011, about the possibility of us refinancing again. Having known Melissa for as long as I have, I completely trusted her when she offered to work up a refinancing plan for me (with no strings attached) with the ultimate goal in getting my monthly note down. Melissa was not only professional, but understanding when it came to what my goals were with our mortgage and not only did she help me meet those goals, but she walked me forward through the process, always being there for me on my time and not making me feel pressured in any way.

My family ended up refinancing our house with the help of Litton Mortgage and I can truly say that this was the most professional step by step process that I've ever been a part of, and I've been through 3 mortgage refinances now. From day one when this refinance was just a dream, to the very end in the lawyer's office at closing, Melissa was there with us every step of the way and without her help, none of this would have been possible.

Kenneth & Tess Swanner
Satisfied Clients

Litton Mortgage went above and beyond everything we asked of them. Litton Mortgage will go the extra mile for you. They are people with integrity who give back to the community. Along with great interest rates, you'll find their fees are fair and very competitive."

Stephen & Holly McKinney
Satisfied Clients

"This is a company built on integrity. Their slogan says it all... ‘A local company that you can trust!’ We put complete faith in Jaclyn and her team at Litton Mortgage to refinance our home. They took care of us through every step of the process. Not only did we get a low rate, but we got friendly, local service! We will definitely recommend Litton Mortgage to all of our friends and family!"